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Why Couples Should Use Sex Toys Together

By | December 28th, 2018|Categories: Uncategorized|

Sex. Sure! It’s great, right? Not necessarily. There are numerous couples that simply don’t have good sex together, which will eventually affect the entire relationship. If there is a lot of routine in your sex life and you would like to change this because you are beginning to realize that this can significantly affect your relationship, we have a tip for you: consider using sex toys as a couple. I know that it sounds a bit too much, you might even consider the topic taboo but the truth is that sex is an important part of our adult lives and the use of sex toys can bring a lot of benefits. Why should couples use sex toys together? There are a few good reasons we can think of but we’ll only mention some of the most important ones. Here they are.

  • Sex toys can easily start a discussion. The discussion about the use of sex toys will make the two of you feel closer and more intimate. If you can discuss about the use of sex toys as a couple, then you can discuss about anything. In addition to this, if the use of sex toys improves your intimate life, then your overall relationship will be much improved as well.
  • Sex toys will inspire you to experiment. One of you might not be that open to the use of sex toys but once tested, they will lead to experiences which will open the appetite for experiments. The more you experiment, the closer you will get to each other, which can only be a good thing, right?
  • Orgasm during intercourse- A certainty. If one of you have difficulties in reaching orgasm during intercourse, the use of sex toys can solve the problem once and for all; and please keep in mind that there is nothing to be ashamed of! Neither of you should be ashamed for reaching orgasm only with the help of sex toys! It is normal, more common than you can imagine and a usual thing to do, so you should not be hesitant about it.
  • Sex toys don’t take away from anything- Some people might feel reticent about the idea of using sex toys as a couple from the fear of the partner taking it as if he wasn’t enough. Well, the truth is that your partner can actually enjoy the use of sex toys much more than you can imagine. Just give it a try.

If you decide to give it a try with sex toys, your intimate life can be much improved. Try buying sex toys together and the experience will be special. It will be a bonding experience that you will love, so don’t hesitate to do it. Thousands of couples have already done this and they are pleased with the outcome, so you should try it as well. I know that you will enjoy it and I know that you will be thrilled with the outcome, so don’t waste time anymore and give it a try.

Top 7 First Date Tips for Men

By | November 12th, 2018|Categories: Dating|

Show up on time

This is invariably the first impression you will make on your date. Regardless of whether your partner is someone who is used to being on time themselves or not, a woman always expects her date to be there on time. This is because arriving late, is a subtle indication that she is not your first priority and that’s not a good start.

Girl Hugs

Don’t go overboard

It is important to keep your cool as it entirely possible that you may end up creeping her out in an effort to please her. Ensure you behave normally and be extremely courteous and considerate. Although it is impressive to be yourself on your date, it is essential to ensure you don’t go overboard and spill out certain thing about yourself that she wouldn’t want to know on your first date.

Come well-dressed

How you look may not be the core of your date or the rapport you build with your date, but it is a crucial first impression. However, you don’t have to spend hours getting ready but ensure you get yourself some quick fashion fixes.

Always offer her compliments

Just like men want to get into the female mind, women too want to know what the men think about them. There is no woman. However tough, who doesn’t like a compliment.

Have a healthy conversation

Having a healthy and involving conversation is essential on a date to make the woman feel like you are interested in her. No one likes a self-absorbed person so never go on and on about details of yourself and be considerate enough to ask some questions that will help you get to know your date.


To kiss or not to kiss

Most men out there would usually jump in on the idea of a kiss on their first date, but that steals the possible longing that is required on the first date. Not kissing her on the first date will keep you at the top of her mind as she’ll wonder why you didn’t. If you want to further this effect, it is a good idea to touch her arm ever so lightly, hug her and give her a peck on the cheek. Doing this will make her crave for the next time you meet, and she will long for your kiss.

Keep in touch

A great first date needs to be followed up by keeping in touch with each other and maybe even plan a second date. So, ensure you call or text each other every few days minimum to let the other know you are still interested.

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